Mentoring relationship

When you start a career in any industry or launch a business, the competition is often dense and having a Mentor is a significant advantage over others. Mentorship is a relationship where a person with some area of expertise helps a less experienced person. It is a unique process during which you get not only career guidance but psychological and motivational support.

Mentor is a person who have already achieved success in your area and is willing to share it. He holds a full view of the field and can help you avoid hidden obstacles and explore your potential.

A lot of successful people received help from mentors throughout their careers. Mark Zuckerberg, Woody Allen and Richard Branson admit that such relationships played a huge role on their way to success. Some reasons why mentoring relashionships can be profitable for you:

  1. A Mentor knows how things in your field work and can teach you to think the way you need to gain success. He will give you a full spectrum of your opportunities, explain possible advances and dangers. You can save a lot of time if you know all the main rules of your industry from the start.
  2. An impartial person by your side is of a great help. Whenever you feel puzzled, he gives a second opinion on your activity. Movie maker George Lucas once marked: "Mentor has a way of seeing more of our faults that we would like.” This is why they he or she the can track the progress of your activity and estimate its pace.  
  3. Paying taxes, setting a budget and choosing a partner can be a difficult task for a novice businessman. With a Mentor you can learn on somebody’s mistakes without making your own: the right decisions will come without bitter experience. He knows all the do's and don'ts and can tell you which actions you should take and what qualities you should get rid of on the way to the top.
  4. The Mentee receives an advice he can trust. The Mentor gives it because he is asked to do so, not because he wants to look smart or cool. Having someone who controlls your steps is like having a hand which will always point to the right direction when you’re lost, and that is just precious.
  5. There is a shared practice when a Mentor who considers his Mentee talented can give contacts or provide him an acquaintance with other influential people. These contacts can become a great push for the Mentee’s Career if they use them right.
  6. Mentorship is a kind of personal education which is profitable for both sides. The Mentor develops his leadership skills, learns how to listen and support others. The individuality Mentee gains is also Mentor’s creation and a reason to be proud. 

Mentorship is more than useful, no matter in what sphere you’re working - business, music, writing or researching. An ambitious and capable student can find a great Mentor and cooperate with him, if he is brave and resourceful enough.

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